Chis Lyons is an illustrator. A good one. There’s a lovely realism to his work, with an underlying bit of whim.  For example, he draws an Indian motorcycle so accurately you feel like you could step into the frame and kick start the engine. But you also feel like it’s a summer’s day plucked  from a very happy childhood.

Which is why his work has taken up regular residence in the CA Illustration Annual. Where your odds of acceptance range from unlikely to statistically irrelevant. It’s where people in our business go for inspiration.

Which is fitting because Chris Lyons is also a teacher. An adjunct professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Schools of Graphic and Industrial Design. Where he’s encouraged his students to a level of exploration that draws a lot of attention in our local and regional Addy awards. And has since he’s been an instructor there.


“No, no,” say clients like Target, Forbes, American Express, the New York Times and many more.

Some mornings I encounter  him reading his New York Times in our local Starbucks. He has already run an embarrassing number of  full-court basketball games at a local Y. Honestly, it doesn’t look like he broke a sweat.